‘Btab’ Connects European Businesses to the Asian Market in 2019

‘Small & medium Businesses set to leverage new markets thanks to the support of Btab’

SYDNEY, Feb. 18, 2019 / — With a vision to support SMEs across the world, Btab has announced its 2019 pledge to provide a platform which helps connect small and medium businesses, with the lucrative Asian marketplace.

Helping traders compete with globally dominating brands, through access to the same technology that’s utilised by multinationals, Btab is confident that its approach will assist SMEs to penetrate the Chinese, Indian and Indonesian marketplaces, which currently demonstrate strong potential for trade.

Traditionally, the last few decades have seen global markets dominated by giant multinationals, drawing on their scale and influence to effectively exclude and overpower smaller enterprise. The Btab ethos is to challenge this acceptance and provide an environment whereby new and established SMEs can all take advantage of the technology Btab has to offer, through the Btab network. By combining the comprehensive range of e-commerce services, social marketplaces, domain names management and online marketing, Btab can offer full support to businesses of all shapes and sizes and help brands to compete, both nationally and globally.

Btab CEO, Binson Lau commented: “The Btab network has a proven strategy in supporting smaller businesses to establish, despite mass market domination by names such as Amazon and eBay. We’ve recognised that the Asian markets are primed for penetration, with opportunities opening up for suppliers and resellers.”

Mr Lau continued: “Using the Btab network to access the same level of trading technology – both on and offline – as that used by the global giants, we’re confident that our members could maximise markets outside of Europe, generating jobs, income and brand awareness.”

Btab understands that starting a new business is extremely tough, especially with only a handful of names dominating e-commerce markets. The Network believe that 2019 will provide an opportunity for all new and prospective business owners to unite, combine resources and support one another to succeed, through the Btab Network.

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