Btab Commerce Opens the Global Door to the Health & Beauty Industry

Brand new service creates unrivalled opportunities to trade in the health and beauty niche

SYDNEY, July 29, 2019 / — The world leading socially-driven business network ‘Btab’ has announced the launch of its latest initiative, designed to open up global opportunities for e-commerce in the health and beauty marketplace.

The new service from the innovative network will see Btab offering businesses of all shapes and sizes with viable opportunities to successfully begin trading in the niche, without the financially crippling challenge of initial stock purchase.

Not only will the announcement provide businesses with a fresh new option to increase profits through an additional revenue stream, but it also provides work-from-home online resellers and traders with an ability to compete in a traditionally highly competitive niche.

Btab CEO Binson Lau announced the news earlier today: “Btab’s vision is a simple but powerful one – to connect thousands of suppliers globally through the Btab Network supply chain. By doing so, we’re looking to empower individuals, families and start-ups to enter the marketplace with confidence that they’ll have access to the same trading technology as the global brand giants.”

Mr Lau continued: “The Asian health and beauty marketplace is growing at a phenomenal rate and we’re excited to be introducing quality products through the Btab Network. As expendable incomes increase across countries such as China, Indonesia and India, the scope for e-commerce opportunities is endless.”

In supporting the new health and beauty industry initiative, Btab has also been working on establishing network partnerships other industry leading large e-commerce companies, such as Amazon, Alibaba and Walmart.

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